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the letter of acceptance

2023-06-13 16:17

Notification of Award

Shandong Xinzhengyuan Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.:

The bidding project organized by our company is the civil engineering part of the main steam pipeline project outside the factory area of the 30000 ton high-end soybean protein industrialization project. After evaluation and approval by the evaluation team, your company is the winning bidder for this bid.

Bid winning amount: RMB 233000 (in words: Two hundred and thirty-three thousand yuan).

Please contact the person in charge of our company to sign the contract on the same day after receiving the bid winning notice. Tendering unit: Shandong Gaotang Thermal Power Co., Ltd

Contact person: Song Chuanbin

Contact number: 0635-3963056


Please stamp and confirm on this page on the day of receiving the bid winning notice (totaling two copies), and return one copy to our company for retention. Winning bidder (seal): Shandong Xinzhengyuan Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd